My Professional Background



Julie Cox-Money
 Keller Williams Real Estate Professional and Consultant
Interior Decorator, Accredited Home Staging Specialist, Interior Re-designer


    Julie Cox-Money was born with the gift of a keen eye for style and a passion for decorating and Re-designing the interiors of homes.   A Tallahassee, Florida native, Julie has been changing the look of homes for the better since a young age.  Even in her younger years, she always took the opportunity to make her friends and their parents feel better by rearranging rooms and giving them a sense of warmth and style.  
A graduate of Tallahassee Community College, Julie studied interior design at the Florida State University School of Fine Arts, where she learned the finer points of Interior Decorating, Historic Restoration, and visual space planning. In 1999 she left Florida State to become the head of running a 3.5 annual million dollar retail business, in charge of over 40+ employees and multiple retail stores. 

Julie became very fluent in marketing, and recruiting as she became district recruiter for the Tallahassee and Jacksonville Markets giving her the experience needed in networking and finding the "right fit" for the "right spot". Her years of experience with the financial planning and budgeting of running a business, along with the acute attention to detail that is a must in any business has made her who she is today. Her experience with the training of managers all over Florida with the key elements of visual and space planning to drive the highest amount of revenue from their target market has really made her eye for knowing visual appeal current with some of her more experienced peers.  

Julie continued to remain in Retail for over 10 years, but her undying love of the interiors of homes and real estate convinced her that she needed and was ready for a change.  In late 2005, Julie decided to leave retail and become a mortgage broker as a start to her career in Real Estate. Exciting, but still not as involved, she decided to get her Real Estate License in 2006 and pursue a career that involved her true passion and love of residential Real Estate and homes interiors.      

Wanting to improve herself and become more knowledgeable about how to get homes interiors to the bestselling condition possible and wanting to learn more about this process, she decided to study Home Staging, Interior Redesign, and Interior Decorating areas of study that she has always loved anyway. What better way to get a home sold than to make it look it's absolute best!  

Julie has obtained her home staging certification from not only tons of research and self-taught training but from a Real Estate Based home staging school and now carries the "Accredited Home Staging Specialist" designation. This along with a proven record of sales, have literally made Julie a master of the art of staging with providing homes with their most beautiful aesthetic appeal possible.     

In late 2008 Julie joined the Rivers Team to learn the principles and values involved in one of the most successful Real Estate Teams in Tallahassee. Having sold almost 10 million dollars in Real Estate and negotiated over 300 contracts in the past 7 years, Julie has been recognized as a "Rising Star" among her Keller Williams peers. Julie has received many production awards including the National platinum award for team production in 2008 and the Double Platinum award from Keller Williams for 2009.

She is a member of the National Board of Realtors and the Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers.  Julie is completely in touch with the real estate market in Tallahassee and outlying areas. Her experience with The Rivers Team and the involvement with many different home owners and buyers have provided large amounts of market knowledge.   

Julie's knowledge of real estate allows her to utilize her sense of decoration and style.  She knows how to change the little things that can keep a home from being sold.  Equipped with the knowledge of the benefits of home staging, Julie can see to it that when a house is placed on the market, its best look is put forward.  Her experience and qualifications in home staging, interior decorating, and interior redesign are beneficial to a challenging real estate market. 
Her skills and experience can help homes from the largest to the smallest achieve the best look possible while standing out to the market and target area competition. In her free time Julie likes to run, exercise, cook and of course decorate homes for her friends and family.